16 May 2012

My writing - elsewhere on the Internet

I've been meaning to set up a website that collects all my work in one place, but for now, it's all below.

All of my writing for the New Statesman can be found here. There are articles on literature (BS Johnson, Alex Kovacs, Ann Quin, Chloe Aridjis, Deborah Levy, Kate Zambreno, McKenzie Wark, Nanni Balestrini, Lars Iyer and Jean-Philippe Toussaint), 1980s video game Alter Ego, trans politics and culture (Chelsea Manning, pronouns, comedy, sport, Boulton and Park, cultural history, an interview with Janet Mock and some theses on trans people and the media), art (Sanja Iveković, the Vorticists, Painting and Performance, Hannah Höch), football (Justin Fashanu, Darren Eadie and depression, Grant Holt, transsexual people and the sport), theatre (Copi and Georg Kaiser's From Morning to Midnight) and various other subjects.

For The New Inquiry, I wrote a Manifesto for Confessional Journalism.

Short fiction
The Final Sentence (3:AM)

I'm too sad to tell you about
I'm Too Sad to Tell You (3:AM)

Keep Still (Berfrois)

Nazimova (Necessary Fiction)

Reflections on Villaplane (Berfrois)

Surveillance City (Queen Mob's Teahouse)

The Unfortunate, or: Watching Dimitar Berbatov (3:AM)

The Woman in the Portrait, in the Five Dials #readwomen2014 issue (33b) is here.

Trans/LGBTQI writing
My Transgender Journey series (Guardian) is here.

For Comment Is Free:
Transgender actors and transgender screen roles
Gareth Williams and the prurience of the press
Five trans role models
Sport is slowly catching up with transgender realities

I wrote a long essay for Aeon magazine (Jan 2014) about the 'Before and After' trope in media coverage of transsexual and transgender people - here. It was also translated into Russian for NZ magazine.

A report from the LGBTQI panel and passing of the resolution at the PEN International Congress in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (London Review of Books blog)

A report on my visit to Labrys, the LGBTQI organisation in Kyrgzystan - 'One Afternoon in Bishkek' (Dissident Blog)

An open letter to Almazbek Atambayev, the President of Kyrgyzstan, against the country's proposed 'gay propaganda' bill, hosted here by PEN International. (Click here for the Russian version.)

I wrote about Kellie Maloney's coming out for the Daily Telegraph.

I have an essay in a book called 'The Flexible Sex', published in German and English by the Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung. There are chapters by Rosi Braidotti, Heidi Safia Mirza, Clare Hemmings and others as well as my 'Conundrum: The Dilemmas of Transsexual Narratives'. You can access the e-book here.

I also did an interview with 3 O'Clock Press about my contribution to their Letters Lived book - a collection of letters to teenage selves including Nina Power, Selma James, Rae Spoon, Shea Howell and others.

For TimeOut (London):
My Transsexual Summer appraised
Cross-dressing in Victorian London
Trans films at the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
XXXora's Newer Gender - a preview

On trans people, sport and the Stockholm Consensus (LEAP Sports - Pride House Blog)

On trans people and football for Meta magazine Issue 2 - which can be purchased here.

I have a couple of pieces in Meta issue 3, too: one on the uses of the transgender umbrella, and another on sexual harassment, reporting and the particular issues for trans people. Follow this link ...

For the Student BMJ (subscription needed):
Working with transsexual patients
Safeguarding vulnerable adults.

A piece for Open Democracy on global violence against transgender people - here.

Literature & Film
For 3:AM:
The Connecting Door - on English 'experimental' author Rayner Heppenstall

Returning to the City of Lost Souls - on Rosa von Praunheim's queer cult musical with Jayne County, Tara O'Hara, Angie Stardust and others

An entry for The Guardian's 'Baddies in Books' series on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground - here

For Cineaste:
From Morning to Midnight (directed by Karlheinz Martin - Germany 1920)
By the Law (directed by Lev Kuleshov - Soviet Union 1926)

For the BFI website:
10 Great Transgender Film

I contributed to the first issue of BSJ: The Journal for BS Johnson Studies, available here.

I wrote on my good friends in Manchester band Performance, and their 2007 debut album (We Are) Performance for The Music Fix - here.

Transcripts of my talks for The Rest is Noise festival at the Southbank Centre were  hosted by 3:AM - in November 2013, I did one on the Sex Pistols and one on Gang of Four. In December, I spoke about Stereolab, and Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait by Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno.

I chose UBUWEB's Top Ten resources for December 2013, as well as a special list for World AIDS Day. Both have Rosa von Praunheim films: the Top Ten includes Guillaume Apollinaire, Bas Jan Ader, Hito Steyerl, Welles and Warhol, Deimantas Narkevicius, Germaine Dulac and Delia Derbyshire, whilst the AIDS/HIV list features Momus, David Wojnarowicz, Nan Goldin, Isaac Julien, Reza Abdoh, Leslie Thornton, Yann Beauvais and Gerard Byrne. They can be found here.

For the London Review of Books, I reviewed Phaidon's Queer Art and Culture volume - here.

For Guernica:
XXXora's Newer Gender

I collected my football blogs here in September 2011.

I am writing a series for the New Humanist entitled How to Watch Football. Click here for Part One, here for Part Two, here for Part Three, here for Part Four, and here for Part Five.

In addition, my piece in Issue 4 of The Blizzard on Jean-Philippe Toussaint and Zinedine Zidane, can be downloaded here.

Podcasts, panels, radio and interviews
The Pod Delusion - Thinking Critically about Transgender Issues
(presented at Westminster Skeptics in October 2011, introduced by Belinda Brooks-Gordon)
Just Plain Sense - Trans People and the Media (with Christine Burns)
Talking about transgender history, identity and politics with Cambridge Skeptics - here

I appeared on the LGBTQI panel at the PEN International Congress in 2014, held in Bishkek, speaking with Masha Gessen, Syinat Sultanalieva and chair Marion Botsford Fraser - here are Part 1 and Part 2.

I chaired the first Binary Static panel for SPACE at The White Building in London, talking to artists Raju Rage and Evan Ifekoya about cyber-feminism, race, gender and creativity - here

I was on Novara on Resonance FM, talking with James Butler and Huw Lemmey about LGBT History Month (February 2014). Listen to the programme here.

In February 2014, I ran a workshop with Football v Homophobia about media coverage of LGBTQ people in sport. The audio recording is here, and the slides are here.

Before my lecture at UCL on my Guardian column for LGBT History Month 2012 - which you can listen to here - I appeared on Resonance FM's Out in South London with Rosie Wilby.

I was a guest on Two Footed Tackle's special podcast on homosexuality in football, and on Cafe Calcio's show on the same subject.

An appearance on The Anfield Wrap ahead of one of Norwich City's many tediously inevitable thrashings at the hands of Liverpool. And a second one here (April 2014).

I was also on The Anfield Wrap's new show The Coach Home, talking about the race for promotion from the Championship - here

I was also a guest of the first edition of The Hour of Power on Resonance FM, talking to Nina Power about 'confessional' writing, with tracks by Gang of Four and Julia Holter. Listen here.

I spoke to the Royal College of Art's CAR podcast, alongside the art collective Horrible GIF and artist Hanne Lippard. Listen to the show here.

I appeared on Bristol radio's ShoutOut discussing A Transgender Journey - listen here.

I was interviewed by the Anti-Capitalist Initiative about trans politics, 'confessional' journalism and other things - here.

An interview with Brighton's queer cinema journal One+One about Jack Smith & Rosa von Praunheim, why I write and more. I did a longer interview about von Praunheim in Issue 12 Vol 2.

On 10 March 2014, I did a talk about my Guardian column at Klub MaMa in Zagreb, introduced by the artist-activist Željko Blaće - watch it here on YouTube. I did a video interview after my talk, which is here.

I did an interview for Slovenia's biggest daily newspaper, Delo - in Slovene.

A brief interview with Austrian radio station FM4 about Facebook's gender options - here.

An interview with Monika Kowalska for her Heroines of My Life website.

I spoke to Anna Aslanyan about life on unemployment benefits in the UK (in Russian) - here.

Finally, I was interviewed for Somethinkblue magazine - here.

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